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I am an eighteen year old who wants to blog for the teenage girls.

Your Lovely Supporters

Long-time, no blog! Let me tell you, ladies, things have been HAPPENING! But! the reason I am blogging this update/lesson is that it is one of true importance and I don’t think I fully understood it until this weekend. Just a little update, I had my first college audition this weekend which was really scary…

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Travel Diaries No. 16

What a jam-packed day full of fun! This whole morning I was trying to work on my blog post from yesterday and so after we all woke up and went our separate ways, I wrote during breakfast and church. Also during church, my girl friends gave me their addresses and so now, hopefully, we can…

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Travel Diaries No. 15

Last night was absolutely amazing. The reason I am posting this in the morning (and writing in the morning) is because I had a sleepover with all of my girls last night! I have been enjoying all of my time with these girls that I have met. They have been so supportive of me, loving,…

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Travel Diaries No. 14

Unfortunately, I do not have too much to write about today. I went back to Rome today to go and see the Vatican and to just wander Rome a little bit more. On the bus ride, I asked a girl that I went cliff diving with if I could sit with her on the bus…

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Travel Diaries No. 13

Goodness, life really gives you what you need when you need it. I went and saw Pompeii today but that is not what I want this blog post to focus on. But, of course, I will tell a little about touring and I’ll add my pictures in. What I want to talk about is what…

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Travel Diaries No. 12

I can officially say I have seen and been inside one of the Seven Wonders of the World: The Colosseum. How awesome is that? I hope that one day I can see all seven and it’s nice to know I only have six more to go! Today was a very early morning and my body…

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Travel Diaries No. 11

After my travel diary from last night, I never thought a day like this one could even be possible. I am still in shock from the memories I’ve made today because they are going to be the ones that last a lifetime. I met people my age. And not only did I meet people my…

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Travel Diaries No. 10

All of my travel diary posts have been very upbeat but as we all know, it is not possible to be happy all of the time. My mom once told me that if we didn’t have the bad moments we wouldn’t be able to recognize the amazing ones for what they are. So for today’s…

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