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I am an eighteen year old who wants to blog for the teenage girls.

The Power of People

In my choir class, we had a day of bonding. We split into our sections and all of the sopranos slowly walked over to form a circle. We were just a bunch of girls; different ages, different grade levels, different stories. We all have seen each other walk down the halls or maybe even had…

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Shopping for the Heart

Tomorrow I have choir pictures and I realized I didn’t have any dressy clothes owned in my closet other than outfits I’ve already worn for choir events. So, I decided to go shopping by myself to find a pretty dress. I’ve never been one to go shopping for myself. I typically wear my Target clothes…

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Senior Year

This is the year I’ve been waiting for my whole entire life. Every year of school since Kindergarten has prepared me for this year. Every teacher made it seem like I would finally know who I was my senior year. As an elementary student, I felt that I would be the smartest I’d ever be…

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Journal Keeping

Dear Diary, Well, it doesn’t have to be a diary, exactly, but keeping a journal can help in so many ways! Most people don’t keep journals because of the fear that someone will read them but girls, there are ways around that. Nowadays, they have apps on your phone that you can get that require…

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Your Next Friend Group

Today, as I was driving to go get gas, there was a school bus right in front of me filled with kids. The kids in the backseat saw me and immediately started to wave. I waved back and smiled and they got so excited that someone actually waved back and they started telling all of…

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Clean and Pristine

I absolutely hate it when I used to walk into my room and I could never find anything. Every event I would go to I would always be late because “I can’t find my other shoe!” or “Where’s my bag?” or “Seriously I wore this bra yesterday where is it?!?” When my room was a…

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Dreams and Coffee Beans

Have you ever woken up from a crazy dream and wondered what it could possibly be about? How could you possibly have thought up of something as detailed as that in a matter of hours? You always hear people say that your dreams are just based on what you ate last night but I think…

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Background Noise

I was laying in my bed waiting for the moment to hit me that I was finally tired enough to close my eyes and fall asleep. But I couldn’t. Not because of the way my pillow was adjusted or the temperature of the room, but it was the noises in the room that kept me…

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