Background Noise

I was laying in my bed waiting for the moment to hit me that I was finally tired enough to close my eyes and fall asleep. But I couldn’t. Not because of the way my pillow was adjusted or the temperature of the room, but it was the noises in the room that kept me up thinking. I listened to the noises of my surroundings and some of them I could recognize but others I couldn’t. These noises live with us and maybe they are comforting. To know that something is still going on outside of our busy lives. That we aren’t the only ones making noise. Not the only thing.

I think it’s important to listen to our surroundings to see what we pick up on. What can we learn? But I also think it’s important to speak our minds. To input our own individual thoughts into the world. Given, my thoughts and opinions could be completely different than yours. But I love hearing the other half of the story. There’s always more past the background noise. Listen. What can you hear at this very moment? For me, it’s the sound of my keys clicking and it’s the sound of the outside whirling. It’s the sound of me inhaling and exhaling. But beyond that, there are my thoughts. Isn’t it crazy to have a little voice in your head telling you the ideas that YOU are creating constantly? Another world is created just inside your mind.

So today, tomorrow, or anytime soon, start spreading your message. Your voice. Listen to the life around you and learn from the life around you. But don’t let your thoughts and opinions become just simple background noise. Let them become the music for others to listen to.




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I am an eighteen year old who wants to blog for the teenage girls.

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