Dreams and Coffee Beans

Have you ever woken up from a crazy dream and wondered what it could possibly be about? How could you possibly have thought up of something as detailed as that in a matter of hours? You always hear people say that your dreams are just based on what you ate last night but I think that there is a deeper meaning in every dream.  Dreams were given to us for possible warning signs; for telling us information that our unconscious really needs us to hear. Maybe the dream you had last night is telling you information on how to make the choice for your next big decision. Your dreams could possibly be telling your future and you may not have even noticed it!

Dreams can be very tricky and a lot of times be very hard to interpret. I find that writing down your dreams in a journal that you keep next to your bed to be very useful. When you write your dreams down, it’s a lot easier to make connections to how it could be affecting your life right now. For example, I had a dream, well actually a nightmare, a few days ago. When I wrote it down I soon realized that my dream was influenced by my fears that I had for driving. As a new time driver I have been very stressed about making a mistake or parking and not being able to get out of the parking spot that I have chosen. Another big fear that I had was people watching me. Just for someone to be in the car with me while I was driving was a big scare for me. It made me realize that I am in control and that I am in charge of the life of the person next to me. And it’s a really scary thought to think about. So if you have ever felt that way, trust me, you are not alone.

Also, recently, I had a dream of being with a teacher who I’ve had some trouble with in the past but in the dream we were talking and I shared with her that I wanted to be a part of the class that she had created positively and I was really excited to be apart of it because it was my passion. Eventually, we ended up going to my old house (which going to your old house in dreams typically means that you have something you need to be resolved or a past matter that you need to revisit. In this case, I think it meant that my past relationship with this teacher needed to be revisited and resolved.) and we were sitting on the couches in the living room painting together with our canvases on the coffee table. We were painting! Together! In my dream I remembered it being so peaceful and calming. If you are ever painting in a dream it typically means a need for expressing a creative side of yourself or that you will be satisfied with a future event. Also what colors you are painting with can affect the meaning as well. But in my dream it just felt to me like a fresh start; a new beginning. So with that dream, I am very excited to see how this teacher and I get along this year and I will definitely keep you guys updated. But I have a really good feeling about my relationship with this teacher and for a fresh start with her. BUT! After I woke up from that dream I had this urge to start painting and so I called my best friend who has been painting for three years now and we went to Michael’s and bought some canvases, acrylic paints, brushes, and I started my next hobby! It was so exciting for me because I have been trying to find a meditative hobby to start for when I’m feeling stressed or even when I’m just bored and this one has definitely fit my liking.

I also have come across times when people will have dreams about me where they tell me that I should lookout for a new beginning. One of the messages I have received recently from someone else’s dream was: “Something was now beginning and that a season had ended.” It’s crazy to think that a dream from someone else could also be a warning sign or a sign of a new beginning in someone else’s life. So be sure to share the dreams that you have about others to those people. The dreams that you have that make no sense to you could mean everything to another person. They could have every idea of what it means. But try to use the dreams that have been given to us as a tool through life. All of these dreams could be the answers to everything.

In the mornings just take a sip of some nice, hot coffee and write down your dreams from last night. Who knows? You could make so many connections or lead your life or even someone else’s in the right direction.



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