Clean and Pristine

I absolutely hate it when I used to walk into my room and I could never find anything. Every event I would go to I would always be late because “I can’t find my other shoe!” or “Where’s my bag?” or “Seriously I wore this bra yesterday where is it?!?” When my room was a mess it felt like my life was a mess. I had no motivation to do anything because I would always want to do it in a clean area but guess what… Where would there be a clean area in my room when I could barely see my floor? So then I became lazy. I would lay in bed all day because it was the only surface in my room that didn’t have anything I didn’t need on it. I never was allowed to have friends over unless my room was cleaned because that is our number one rule in my family’s house. So I thought it out and every single time I would rather not have my friend come over because I knew that the hour or so it would take to clean my room would be too tragic. One day I was coming home from Florida or maybe even Kentucky and my room was just not where I wanted to spend my time. I would sleep on the couch downstairs just because it was a cleaner area. I got tired of living in a mess.

Then the day came where I just went in and deep cleaned the whole area. I filled up three giant black trash bags of things I didn’t need; clothes, random items, and trash. I threw away anything that wasn’t a necessity and I wiped down every surface. I cleaned my monstrous closet, did all of my laundries, and hung up my nice clothes. I organized every dresser drawer, every makeup container, and every jewelry box drawer.  And ever since then, my life has changed.

You may be thinking, “What teenage girl is actually going to spend the time to deep clean her room when she could be doing, well, anything else in the world?” But trust me, girls, it is worth it. I no longer have to search for anything because I know where it all is and that makes packing for my journeys so much easier. I have started so many creative hobbies such as writing, journaling, and painting just because now I have the room for it. I no longer feel stressed to go anywhere or do anything. My life feels so free and easy because I know that whatever I go and do, I always have a clean area to go back to in the night and just relax. I get to just watch my favorite Netflix shows or even have any friend over without them judging my personal area. When school comes around, I know I will be very thankful because doing hours of homework is NEVER fun in a dirty area because you just get overwhelmed and angry. And I’m sure you probably are learning more if you don’t feel stressed about your surroundings. I’ve also been able to sleep better at night because of my clean surroundings.

Making your bed every day is actually very important as well. You may think it’s really dumb and useless because you are just going to sleep in it again that night but! making your bed has so many good effects. 1) It makes your room seem ten times neater than it actually is. 2) It’s a great way to start your day. To know that you have something you don’t have to worry about and to know that your bed isn’t a mess just feels less stressful. Just think about it. 3) It gives you motivation to keep the rest of your room cleaned. 4) It’s just super satisfying and starts you off with a good mood. and 5) It makes you feel super productive in the morning and you will most likely have a more productive day.

Maybe it doesn’t seem fun but to me, the results are worth it! Set a date and time on when you are going to deep clean your room so that you can mentally prepare for the work ahead of you. Tell yourself how important it is to you and think about how it will make you feel after you do it. You’ll feel achieved! How will it make you feel if you don’t? How will that affect your daily living?

I promise you that when you have finished you will feel so proud. Personally, I always brag to my family members that my room is the cleanest in the house and they can’t even deny it! If you just do a clean up at the end of each day before bed then you will never have to spend the long hours that you normally would. This makes cleaning so much more simple after one deep clean. You will not regret it!


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I am an eighteen year old who wants to blog for the teenage girls.

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