Travel Diaries No. 13

Goodness, life really gives you what you need when you need it. I went and saw Pompeii today but that is not what I want this blog post to focus on. But, of course, I will tell a little about touring and I’ll add my pictures in. What I want to talk about is what happened tonight.

If you have been reading my previous posts you will know that this trip has been an up and down journey of figuring things out about myself, groups of people, social interactions, and just a learning experience in general.

At dinner, I was very tired from another day of touring and I was planning on just heading straight to bed when I got upstairs, after I wrote my post. But, like I said yesterday, I semi-planned to hang out with someone after dinner. Well, yesterday we started a group chat on snapchat: me, her, and another girl that I met. And right as I was heading up to my room I get a snapchat that asks if I want to go to the beach. I couldn’t refuse so we got our bathing suits on and headed for the beach.

It was really cold out, at least to me, but those girls were so energetic and just stripped straight down to their bathing suits and hopped in the ocean; laughing, swinging their arms and having a good time. I really wasn’t in the mood to be even more cold but as I sat and watched I just thought to myself, “I really wish I had their joy and excitement of doing things carefreely.” And I realized… I can be exactly like that if that’s what I want to be. So I stood up, took my clothes off, and ran into the freezing cold ocean with them. Even though it was like an ice cube in there, I’m glad I did it because the rest of the night just kept getting better.

The new girl told us that her sister had a hot tub. We jumped out of the ocean, goosebumps and all, and ran to get our clothes back on to go to the hot tub. We get to the room and her sister and husband were not really expecting us but since they were newly married they have a good hotel room which is why they have a hot tub. And they were so nice and let us invade and use it.

They left for a little while so it was just the girls and me and we all just had a good time laughing and talking over each other and it was enjoyable. I do have to say that the night really meant the most to me when the girl’s sister and husband came back.

They came out and just casually started talking to us and it escalated into stories about how they first met, first kiss, proposal, wedding, and their relationship in general. They were so adorable. And on the subject, I asked them personal advice on my relationship that I currently am in. My boyfriend and I have been dating since the start of high school and since it is Senior year you are stuck with the question of “What about after High School?”

Wow. The conversation just seemed so relieving and eye-opening. The guy was in my EXACT situation in High School so he understood the hard parts and it was also so nice to hear the girl’s perspective and the girls my age also chanting in advice. The whole night turned into deep talks and I really felt that at that moment, when I opened up about a struggle in my life, it drew people in and became easier to connect and start conversation with the people I just met.

The conversation as a whole just taught me that whatever does happen, it will all work out the way it needs to. Every day is a stepping stone to greater things. We shouldn’t look at our struggles as the end of something but the beginning of something better. We learn from our hardships and we find out more about ourself in the process. The conversation was just so comforting and was something I really needed to hear and it helped me become closer to the girls I’ve been wanting to get to know.

So, on that subject, I’m not saying that right off the bat we need to share every personal thing about our lives to new people but I think I learned in this that when you do share something important to you there is something that just clicks. It gets people intrigued and they want to help. One of the girls my age that I just met was rubbing my back because she knew how much the subject meant to me. And let’s be honest, everyone loves a deep conversation. But I felt like, in that moment of sharing my struggles and experiences, that I became a lot closer with them in such a short amount of time. And that is definitely a process in relationship building: having the time to just sit down and talk about something serious. It’s refreshing.

I just keep getting more and more amazed every day that I am here because I am learning so much about relationships with people and also the relationship with myself. My plans are never going as expected but are only turning out better. It makes me feel like I should just stop planning my life second by second and cruise its journey. I was planning on just going to bed but what happened instead was I did something I normally wouldn’t, stepped out of my shell, had deep talks relating to my life, which led to me becoming even closer to the people my age.

After we had deep talks, we went out into the lobby and laughed and talked and had a great time, exchanging social media as well. One of the girls mentioned that she really wants to get together tomorrow so that we can all take artsy pictures and I just had instant déjà vu because on my spam account on my instagram I mentioned that I wish I had a friend who came along to take artsy pictures with me. I’m telling you, LIFE WILL PROVIDE FOR YOU. Just put in your trust and it will have your back. This trip has really opened me up to that and I am slowly accepting its ways. Trust in your life’s path.

Pompeii was a lot of fun! My feet healed so quickly! Obviously, I still have blisters, but it wasn’t painful at all or at least compared to yesterday. The weather was amazing and the tour was great. I got to sing in the small amphitheater where the Pink Floyd’s have actually performed before. That’s kind of exciting!

The area itself was just really unique and I enjoyed walking around its ruins. It’s kind of interesting trying to imagine what it looked like before the volcano eruption.

After the tour, I went shopping at the little market stands to get my mom and sisters a gift. SO guys, if you’re reading this, I hope you enjoy my gifts to you from Pompeii!

Today ended so well and I am just so ready to see what else life has in store for me while I’m here and even after I leave. I’m in love with the journey.

Laurel ❤


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