Travel Diaries No. 14

Unfortunately, I do not have too much to write about today. I went back to Rome today to go and see the Vatican and to just wander Rome a little bit more.

On the bus ride, I asked a girl that I went cliff diving with if I could sit with her on the bus and she said yes so we got to talk a little bit. She was really funny and had a good taste of music. We played some games with her brother on the ride and we both fell asleep as well and I was out.

When we arrived in Rome, we went straight to the Vatican and at first when you enter it makes you feel like you are back at the airport. You have to go through security checks and just the entrance, in general, looked like an airport. But, as you climbed the steps and entered the many museums, it was absolutely beautiful. Especially the ceilings were gorgeous. It was hard to walk because I was just looking up a lot.

I didn’t get a lot of pictures because it was one of those places you just have to experience, but I did get pictures to prove I was there just in case one day I get old and forget. Ha!

The only bad part about the Vatican was the amount of people there. It was extremely crowded and the museum just felt like IKEA. It just circled you around forever with a bunch of people shoulder to shoulder with you with no exit. And the bathroom situation was terrible. The lines for the women’s stalls were so long. It took like 15 minutes to get into a bathroom.

But, the art was beautiful. Everything was very unique. We didn’t do an audio or guided tour today but I would’ve liked to know why some of the things were in the museum. But there is definitely not even enough time to go to all parts of the place.

We eventually got to the Sistine Chapel and now I can officially say that I have seen a famous piece by Michelangelo in person. Maybe one of the most famous. That was very exciting for me.

After we saw the Sistine Chapel, we headed out to go see the Bridge of Angels in Rome and along the way we saw St. Peter’s Square where the Pope goes to speak to the people. It was such a pretty place and I really enjoyed the fountains in the square.

We made our way to the Bridge of Angels, took a couple of pictures, and had to start heading back to the bus. The bus ride home was really long because of traffic so we arrived an hour later than planned.

We headed straight to dinner when we got back and then we cleaned up to go to church at 9:00. The service ended at 10:40 and by that time I was very tired. During church, I wrote nine pages in my travel notebook to just kind of catch up with myself. I haven’t been writing in that notebook as much as I anticipated I would but I am glad that I have been blogging every day to keep the memories. I do plan on writing more in my notebook, though, before the end of my trip.

Today was our last day of touring here in Italy so my harsh, long days of being out in the sun and walking all day are over. I’m just kidding. I would love to see more but there is just too much in such little time and it will be nice to give my body a break.

Tomorrow is the Dance! I am so extremely excited! And I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that my school’s Homecoming is tomorrow so it’s kind of a nice thought that I will be dancing in Italy while my friends will be dancing in Ohio even though the time difference is off. But I’m still glad that I get some sort of formal dance to replace my Homecoming. When I was coming to Italy, I didn’t even know there was a dance planned! So I am just extremely excited. I just LOVE dancing and going crazy and being myself. And the best part is, I made the friends here to enjoy myself at the dance. I am so happy!

Lots of love,

Laurel ❤


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