Travel Diaries No. 16

What a jam-packed day full of fun! This whole morning I was trying to work on my blog post from yesterday and so after we all woke up and went our separate ways, I wrote during breakfast and church. Also during church, my girl friends gave me their addresses and so now, hopefully, we can become pen pals!

When church was over, it was time for lunch, as always, and we all sat with Jess’ family. We ended up eating very fast because today we planned on going cliff diving again! I was actually still scared to go the second time around. But while my grandparents went on a wine tasting tour I figured I should hang out with these people as much as I possibly can since I won’t see them for a while in about two days. The trip will be over.

We went our separate ways to go and get ready and we met up at 2:30. Jess’s dad offered to drive us down so this time I didn’t get terrifying blisters on the bottom of my feet. We had a much larger group coming with us this time. It was 11 people actually.

We started our journey in the car with some Jonas Brothers and jammed out all the way to the mountain. When we got there, we all ran up as fast as we could. It was Jess’s first time ever going cliff diving but she jumped in so fast! When I did it the first time, it took a million of countdowns until I even jumped.

The second time around it was a lot of fun since we had a much larger group. There were so many people to hang out with and I think we were really attracting people because so many bystanders were just watching us jump from the cliff. I think we really put on a show.

Jess’s sister accompanied me during my second jump since I felt nervous all over again. I think the height isn’t the scary part but it’s seeing all of the rocks and it makes you fear that you will hit them. Once I was in the water though, I swam over to the cliff wall and sat down on a rock. Right by my feet were a bunch of little fishes and it was actually so relaxing to just sit in the blue water, watching the fish swim past. And I also had a great view of my friends when they jumped. I really enjoyed swimming in that water, though. It was so enjoyable and the sun glazing on the water was just precious.

After we were all done cliff diving, all 11 of us got into one tiny, tiny Jeep car. 11 PEOPLE! IN A 5 SEATER CAR. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen and Jess’s dad got a video of all of us getting out of the car one by one and it looks like a magic trick. It was so squished.

We all decided to go on the beach and play a game that is sort of like soccer but has a couple of different rules. The game is called speed-away. I was so exhausted from cliff diving though that I left just a little bit earlier to go take a shower and get ready for dinner.

After my shower, I went down to the lobby and met up with Jess. We couldn’t find Grace at the time so Jess and I just decided to have semi-deep talks. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoy a genuine conversation.

I sat with Jess’ family at dinner and that was also a lot of fun. I talked to her sister about blogging, pictures, and nutrition for a little bit too and I just think it’s so nice to talk to other people who blog or do anything similar. I love learning from others about these sort of platforms.

Dinner ended and we all went upstairs to hangout in someone’s room. It was like a small party there because it felt like everyone I’ve been hanging out with was in there. Jess, her sister, and I all eventually left so that I could go back to my room to post an Instagram photo. I know, I know. How basic. But! I was really excited to post because I had a video of me jumping into the water from the rocks! While we were in my room we all talked to my grandparents for a little bit and that was a lot of fun.

We all left again and headed over to Jess’ sister’s room so we could finish our night out with another “hot tub and deep talks” get together. We had so much fun and by the end of the night, I felt so slap-happy because I couldn’t stop laughing so I knew I was pretty tired. I said my goodnights, gave my hugs and headed back to my room.

I can’t believe tomorrow is my last day with these people. It hasn’t even hit me yet. I wish I still had another week with them at the least. My wish is that once I leave Sabaudia that we can all one day reunite.

Best Wishes,

Laurel ❤


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