My Time at Myrtle Beach ☀︎︎

This past week I was able to go to Myrtle Beach for the first time ever. It has been two years since I have been to the beach and I was so excited to go. Not only has it been two years since I’ve been to the beach, but it has been two years since I’ve been on a plane. Before going on this trip, I’ve been working extra hard, working two jobs, to prepare for my time back in college and my excitement for a break and new memories was through the roof. It was time for a little vacation.

In the past, my family would always drive around sixteen hours all the way to Port St. Joe, Florida to meet up with the rest of my extended family. We would have multiple beach houses and for seven days we were surrounded by cousins, aunts, uncles, and loved ones; the beach has always felt like home. It was a place I’ve been going to every year since I was born.

Then, two years ago, the beach that always brought me so many joyful memories got destroyed by Hurricane Michael. Ever since, my extended family has not been able to get together for a whole family vacation. But, we do still see each other for Christmas and Thanksgiving, thankfully.

Returning to the beach meant a lot to me and even though it wasn’t my extended family, it still brought back a lot of nostalgia and good memories.


Day 1

Left for the airport! It was my sister’s first airplane ride! The ride was only 1hr and 20min from the Cincinnati airport. When we landed we checked into our condo and got ready to go search for food. We ended up eating at Olive Gardens. After we ate, we did a little beach supply and food shopping and headed back to the condo. When we got back, we walked down to the beach to check it out. The sun was setting and the beach was lit up by the beautiful cotton candy sky and the lights of buildings. Beautiful start to a beautiful and relaxing destination.


Day 2

A long day at the beach! We spent all day laying out in the sun. No agenda, no responsibilities, and nothing but a warm sun above us. There was a point when we played soccer and football on the beach. Sad to say that I jammed my finger for the first time while playing football. Oh well… After spending all day on the beach, I came in for a shower and went straight to bed for a FAT nap. I was exhausted from traveling and being out in the sun. When I woke up, my sister and I went on a walk to explore our surroundings and returned home when the sun began to set. That night we had chicken quesadillas for dinner. I would call that a successful first day on the beach.


Day 3

Another full day at the beach. This time instead of laying out in the sun the whole time, I went into the ocean. It was so hot that I had to cool off! The waves almost killed me, too! They were really crashing down. When we returned to the house, we all got ready to go to the Boardwalk. It was really fun to walk around and go into all of the shops and to look around. We saw some HUGE fish, got free samples of Italian ice, went into magic shops, took some pictures, and I actually bought a ring while I was there. Now I can always have something small to remind me of my time there. That night we ate homemade pizzas and they were yummy!


Day 4

We spent another full day on the beach and I was actually starting to get semi-tan. I am extremely pale so this was a huge accomplishment for me. Normally, I just freckle and burn but the South Carolinian sun was treating me well! Everyone else was getting a little crisp… For dinner we went to an amazing restaraunt where I was able to have my favorite food: Sushi! After we ate, we went back to the Boardwalk. This time it was dark out and we got to ride the Sky Wheel. It was my first time on a Ferris wheel and it was so much fun! I highly recommend going on it. For next time, I want to try the $20 helicopter ride though.


Day 5

This was our last day on the beach and unfortunately it was only a half day since it started to thunder. When we heard the thunder, we packed up our stuff and went back up to the condo and spent as much time at the pool until the weather looked like it was going to get bad. When we went inside, the rest of the family went shopping while I took another FAT nap. I woke up to my lip being extremely puffy. My last day on the beach and I managed to sunburn my lip…of course. For dinner we had meatloaf and spent the rest of the night playing Minecraft (haha) and eating and drinking the rest of the food and drinks in the house. Before bed, I made a new playlist for the airplane ride back.


Day 6

I woke up early on our last day to pack up all of my things and clean up. Check out was at 10:00 a.m. but boarding was at 4:30 p.m. so we had some time to kill before the fifteen minute ride to the airport. We ended up going to one of the malls near by and shopped. After that got boring, we drove up and down the main road to look for some more shops. I didn’t end up getting anything. Eventually we called it a quit and went to the airport to eat Chick-fil-a and hang out until it was time to board. At 4:30, it was time to say goodbye to South Carolina and head back to Ohio. After an hour and twenty minutes we were back in Cincinnati and were able to add another trip to the books.

Photo Credits: Lilly Dobrozsi

I was very thankful for my time at Myrtle Beach and the time that I got to connect with family. I hope in the future that I get a vacation with my extended family again. Never take a trip for granted and always enjoy the time given and the memories being made.

Until next time,

Laurel ♡︎


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I am an eighteen year old who wants to blog for the teenage girls.

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  1. So good to see your face, Miss Laurel! 😊
    Your sisters are sooo grown up!
    There is NO place like the beach to relax and get closer to your family and be in awe of God! Love your blog!

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