The Power of People

In my choir class, we had a day of bonding. We split into our sections and all of the sopranos slowly walked over to form a circle. We were just a bunch of girls; different ages, different grade levels, different stories. We all have seen each other walk down the halls or maybe even had a class or two with them but we didn’t truly know each other. In this circle we formed we were supposed to share something about our life whether that be what we were looking forward to, a current or past struggle, or just whatever was on our mind. We started going around the circle and I think we all were a little worried about opening up to our personal lives and what we were actually going through. We were all very hesitant. But as we continued it became more and more prevalent that this group time was needed.

As we were sharing we cried and felt a lot of different emotions and everyone seemed to truly be involved in what each person was saying. As these girls were sharing their stories, I kept thinking “Me too” or “I relate to that on such an intense level.” It made me realize how many people, who I see every single day, are going through the exact same thing that I am and I never even realized it.

We often feel so scared to open up to new people about ourselves and our life struggles. But we shouldn’t have to feel so restricted from expressing what happens in our life. I believe that everyone has hardships given to them to learn from the experience and to use those hurtful experiences to help others who may feel the exact same way as you. The beauty of struggling is that everyone has to go through it and what that means is: you are not alone. Isn’t that refreshing? So many of these girls were so willing to open up about their life and went the extra mile to reassure others that they would be there for them if the time calls. We were all strangers, acquaintances, and maybe a few were friends but how wonderful is it that just opening up about your life can bring you closer to people and can help you build connections that could truly make you happier?

Meeting new people is a very common topic of a struggle for a lot of teenagers. We hide behind our phones and talking in person becomes more and more like a job rather than a need. Humans need real, deep conversations. We love knowing that when we speak someone is there to listen to us.

My goal recently has been to not shy away from talking to a person that I want to talk to because of fear. Fear that maybe they think I’m weird or that I’m not on their bar on the social ladder. But through this goal of mine, I found out that people aren’t always like that and a lot of times the situation ends up being that they wanted to talk to you too but they were having the exact same fears of feeling insecure! A lot of people are waiting for you to make the first interaction so you might as well. You will regret not talking to the people you wish you did. Just go for it!

It takes more energy to be mean than nice and tying that into talking to the people you want to, if they do end up being mean about you talking to them then why would you want to be their friend anyway? We need to spend our lives searching for the people who build us up and make us feel good about ourselves rather than the people who tear us down. We never truly know what someone is going through so we should never be so quick to judge. Lift people up. Help others out. We should strive for a life of peace. A life where everyone in it is there for you. Don’t continuously let people into your life that don’t deserve every amazing part about you.

We need to be able to stand up for what we believe is right. We need to talk about the things that affect us. A lot of times I would feel bad for telling people what was going on in my life because my intention was never to burden anyone with any part of it. But what I’ve realized is that people are willing to help you. People are here to help you learn how to forgive and forget the past, to help you get stronger.

I’d love to see people start to connect with others more often in person. It would make my heart so happy to start spreading only kindness and support to others. Everyone has bad days but at the end of the day, how do you want others to remember you?

Love others, love yourself, love life.

Have an amazing rainy day!



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I am an eighteen year old who wants to blog for the teenage girls.

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