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Your Lovely Supporters

Long-time, no blog! Let me tell you, ladies, things have been HAPPENING! But! the reason I am blogging this update/lesson is that it is one of true importance and I don’t think I fully understood it until this weekend. Just a little update, I had my first college audition this weekend which was really scary…

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The Power of People

In my choir class, we had a day of bonding. We split into our sections and all of the sopranos slowly walked over to form a circle. We were just a bunch of girls; different ages, different grade levels, different stories. We all have seen each other walk down the halls or maybe even had…

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Your Next Friend Group

Today, as I was driving to go get gas, there was a school bus right in front of me filled with kids. The kids in the backseat saw me and immediately started to wave. I waved back and smiled and they got so excited that someone actually waved back and they started telling all of…

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